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SEAL Team Who Took Out Bin Laden Gets Massive New Orders! [VIDEO]

As tensions have skyrocketed between North Korea and the United States over the past few weeks, the odds of a military SEAL encounter between the two nations has begun to look more and more probable.

A new report has come out claiming that SEAL Team Six is going to be training a group of South Koreans to assassinate North Korean dictator Kim Jong UnNewsmax reported.

Both South Korea and the United States have conducted drills designed to simulate real-world strikes on the North Korean leadership or North Korean missile/nuclear test sites.

The report, which originated with The Times of London, claimed that the South Korean “assassination squad” would start its training in December, learning from the group that gained fame when they took out Osama Bin Laden.

Of course this is all just speculation at this poin. The United States government would never confirm the existence of such a training program, though officials within the South Korean government seemed to indicate the reports were true.

“We are in the process of conceptualizing the plan,” Song Young-moo, the defense minister, reportedly told military personnel. “I believe we can create the unit by Dec. 1.”

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