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Released Annual ‘Best Dressed’ List — Michelle Obama Made It But Melania Trump Didn’t

Vanity Fair recently released its annual International Best Dressed List — and people quickly noticed a glaring omission from the list.

First Lady Melania Trump, a fashion icon in her own right, was snubbed from the list, while former First Lady Michelle Obama and former President Barack Obama made the cut. Ivanka Trump was left off the list, as well.

As the Washington Post noticed, Vanity Fair even names Melania’s preferred stylist Hervé Pierre in the list:

Melania Trump’s go-to stylist — the man responsible for her gowns at her husband’s inaugural  ball and other high-profile events — is among the gorgeously plumed company on Vanity Fair’s new “best dressed” list.

Don’t recognize Hervé Pierre? He’s not exactly a household name — or even a frequently photographed figure, unlike his famous client.

Fox News has more context to the story:

In addition to Obama, who appears in the “couples” section of the list alongside former president Barack Obama, a small group of other politicians made the cut, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron (along with his wife, Brigitte).

While many are claiming Vanity Fair seemingly left Trump off the list due to the magazine’s political position,

The Cut notes that both Obama and Macron made the list as a best dressed couple, so perhaps Trump would be included if her husband dressed differently.

Vanity Fair recently came under public scrutiny when it published an article blasting Melania for wearing high heels on her way to flood-ravaged Texas. The first lady brought a change of clothes on the plane and switched to tennis shoes before she actually stepped foot on Texas soil.

The reactions to the snub came in hot on Twitter:


President Trump surprised his daughter, Ivanka, by inviting her on stage to speak to his supporters during a Wednesday rally in North Dakota. He also revealed that he still likes it when his daughter refers to him as “daddy.”
The president said his daughter asked him if she could travel with him to North Dakota.
“She actually said, ‘Daddy, can I go with you?’ … And I said, ‘Yes, you can,’” Trump said, adding that he “likes that.”
(Scroll down for video)
Several reporters clearly found it odd that a father would like his 35-year-old daughter to call him “daddy”:

When Ivanka made it to the microphone, she delivered a short message to the crowd.

She said. “You treated us very, very well in November and have continued to. So we like sharing the love back. Thank you.”

President Trump was in North Dakota to push his tax reform package, which includes lowering the corporate tax rate to 15 percent.

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