Ex-Girlfriend Leaks VIDEO of Dolphins Coach Snorting Cocaine After Owner Backs Trump’s Anthem Tantrum

A model leaked video of a Miami Dolphins coach snorting what appears to be cocaine as revenge for the team owner backing President Donald Trump on player protests. Kijuana Nige, a Las Vegas-based model, posted the video late Sunday on Facebook showing offensive line coach Chris Foerster snorting lines through …

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Released Annual ‘Best Dressed’ List — Michelle Obama Made It But Melania Trump Didn’t

Vanity Fair recently released its annual International Best Dressed List — and people quickly noticed a glaring omission from the list. First Lady Melania Trump, a fashion icon in her own right, was snubbed from the list, while former First Lady Michelle Obama and former President Barack Obama made the …

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LOOK: Popular Beer Company Sends Trump Sick Message On Side Of Every Bottle, Boycott?

The world’s third largest producer of beer is joining with Katy Perry and other brain dead celebrities in a push for global control. Dutch beer company Heineken is now shipping their beer with a sick message on the back. The multibillion-dollar brewer is calling for “a world without borders or barriers.” Heineken is …

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Saudi Prince Meet’s New York City Cop For Breaking The Lаw And Try to Escape !!! [VIDEO]

A spoiled Saudi Prince (Prince Sultan bin Khalid bin Sultan Al Saud) gets a reality check from a New York City cop. He quickly learns that this isn’t Saudi Arabia,…and nobody cares who he is. Watch the VIDEO:

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BREAKING: FBI Director Exposed By Teen Girl Who Just Revealed The SICK Thing He Did To Her

We’ve all grown weary of FBI Director James Comey’s antics lately, as the elected official continues to play politics rather than simply doing his damn job. This was evidenced recently as he went along with the left’s narrative of a “collusion” between Trump and the Russians while under oath, even …

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ALERT: 1 MILLION Pounds Of America’s Favorite Frozen Food RECALLED- Throw It Away NOW, It Could KILL Your Family

We all do our best to feed our families the highest quality food as possible. But unfortunately, some health risks cannot be avoided due to things that go on at food factories. The good news is that this recall was caught early, and with your help to spread the word, …

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HUGE MELEE BREAKS OUT! Trump Rally Attacked By Thugs But Supporters Were Prepared For WAR! (VIDEO)

Huntington Beach California was the scene of one of President Trump’s iconic Make America Great Again rallies today. The crowd blanketed the area with American flags, Blue Lives Matter flags and red MEGA hats. Unfortunately, their joyful rally attracted an undesirable element as well. The so-called “anti-fascist” appeared wearing masks and …

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Hillary Spotted In Public Drunken Stupor, Shocks Onlookers With What Else Is Seen On Her

After months of hiding after her devastating loss, Hillary Clinton announced that she’s ready to come “out of the woods” and back out in public. She’s got a fresh new look to go with her reappearance which wasn’t enough to hide how humiliatingly drunk she was in public last week. What …

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Pope Francis washes the feet of Muslim migrants, says we are ‘children of the same God’

They came from Mali, Eritrea, Syria and Pakistan. They were Muslim, Hindu, Catholic and Coptic Christians. And one by one, Pope Francis knelt down before these migrants on Holy Thursday and washed their feet. The ritual, performed in a center for asylum seekers outside of Rome, comes amid anti-immigrant sentiment …

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JUST IN : White House Serves Rosie O’Donnell With Lawsuit After She Posted This On Twitter

Rosie O’Donnell will be the defendant in a federal lawsuit brought against her by the White House. The suit, in which O’Donnell is implicated for falsifying and defaming the honor and integrity of the mansion and its staff, is in response for O’Donnell’s cruel and inflammatory remarks about the administration’s …

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