Wednesday , September 20 2017
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People PISSED At What Was Spotted Right Below The Announcers Desk At The Super Bowl

There was far more going on at the big game last night than just the two teams on the field, and it was caught on camera for hundreds of million spectators to see. As the commentators discussed the game, red-blooded Americans were rightfully irate at what was seen just beneath their desk that shouldn’t have been there.

The year’s largest sporting event was expected to turn into anti-Trump political spectacle and while the halftime show remained off the subject, the NFL still managed to squeeze in some sickening sentiments. People didn’t want to be bombarded with the rhetoric on what was supposed to be an entertainment event but were slapped in the face with what was front and center at the commenters’ table that was grossly out of place and a big slap in the face to Americans.

Turkish Airlines ponied up millions of dollars to stick it to citizens of our nation at one of the most anticipated events of the year. Although anyone could have been given the coveted ad spot in front of where the announcers sit, the NFL granted it to the airline group from the Muslim nation in the midst of controversy of President Trump’s travel ban.

This is the first time that Turkish Airlines have injected themselves into one of America’s favorite past times. In 2013, they sponsored Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers which went over about as well as this Super Bowl stunt. This is all part of the Islamization of the West and sporting groups keep falling for it, prioritizing payment over principles.

The NFL has done a number on our nation this year, from allowing players to disrespect our flag, police officers, and our president, and now adding insult to injury with this Islamic slap in the face at the end of the season. We don’t have to take what they are forcing on people and we can prove it by boycotting future events.