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Israeli President Secretly Did One Thing In His Speech To Piss Off Obama — Did You See It?

Israeli President Secretly Did One Thing In His Speech To Piss Off Obama

Throughout his presidency, Barack Hussein Obama did everything he did to drive a knife into the back of Israel, while at the same time empowering Muslim-dominated countries in the Middle East who continue to proclaim their hatred and intentions to wipe Israel off the face of the planet. President Trump’s visit to Israel this week is absolutely imperative to repairing the damage that Obama did to our Israeli allies, who were treated so abominably throughout his tenure as president. But shortly after arriving in Israel, Obama got a well-deserved dose of karma slapped right across his face, after what the Israel president just did on the world stage that’s making the former president absolutely livid. As for the rest of us, we’re elated that Obama is finally getting smacked right where it hurts, as his ego is no doubt being shredded by what just went down in Israel this morning.

Obama is no doubt having a hard time dealing with his legacy being unraveled by President Trump, as he’s now devoted his 100% of his life as a civilian to taking down our new president with his “shadow government” and anti-Trump resistance movement that we continue to see popping up all over the United States. Part of Obama’s legacy as we all know was to legitimatize Palestinian terrorists, while demanding Israel give up their land and holy sites to these Palestinian terrorists. But after 8 years of Obama’s Israel-hating antics, the former president is finally getting exactly what he deserves.

Joining President Trump for s speech in Israel on Monday morning, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin wasted no time taking several incredible shots both Obama’s ego and legacy within just the first 2 minutes. While his praise for President Trump was clear, what epic was the way that he delivered his praise, which was a camouflaged in a giant “F you” to Barack Hussein Obama, as the Israeli president stated that he is happy that “America is back.”

“You marked the defeating of ISIS as one of your top missions. This is (the) most important objective. Israel will do everything in its power in order to assist you in this mission.”

He then took a direct shot at Obama, whose declared “red line in the sand” with Syria gassing their own people has always been a highlight of weakness of Obama’s presidency.

“Israel appreciates America’s leadership and your administration in the action you took in Syria,” he said. “There are red lines, as it happened in Syria, that must never be crossed. There is a price that must be paid by those who violate the most basic principles that make us human.”

Social media went wild over the Israeli president’s comments, that no doubt have King Obama absolutely losing his $%# this morning:

It’s refreshing to see that we aren’t the only ones who see how detrimental Obama was to anyone not on board with his Muslim-pandering agenda, as Israel clearly expressed on Monday how thankful they are that America is “finally back” and not being led by an Israel-hating traitor. But unfortunately for Obama, this is only half of what he’s pissed over as more details continue to emerge from President Trump’s visit to Israel. As Israel’s land and holy sites continues to be up for dispute between Palestinian Muslims and the Jewish people, President Trump finally put an end to that today, with one single action he took at the West Wall while meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu.

Meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu in a solemn act of solidarity, President Trump donned a yarmulke, and prayed at the West Wall along with other Jewish leaders, in a historic move that has never been done by a sitting president in our country’s history. The diplomatic nod not only bolstered Israel’s claims to the holy site, but sent the silent message to Muslims around the world that this area belongs to the Jews, and to keep their grubby hands off of it.

It’s so awesome to finally have a president leading America who has the backs of the Israeli people, who have suffered so much at the hands of not only Palestinian terrorists who continue to demand their land, but at the hands of our former president who did everything in his power to strip away their rights to their land by backing the Security Council resolution that turned over the Old City to Palestinian groups. Now Obama can stick his treason and disdain for the people of Israel straight up where the sun doesn’t shine, as just like the Israeli president so eloquently put it with saying, “America is back!”

Source: http://freedomdaily.com/