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Hillary Spotted In Public Drunken Stupor, Shocks Onlookers With What Else Is Seen On Her

After months of hiding after her devastating loss, Hillary Clinton announced that she’s ready to come “out of the woods” and back out in public. She’s got a fresh new look to go with her reappearance which wasn’t enough to hide how humiliatingly drunk she was in public last week. What made worse was who her wingman was that left one photographer in shock who snapped the photo.

Hillary didn’t hide her over imbibing ways throughout her campaign as she was frequently seen a little tipsy. However, it looks like she’s stepped that up a notch now that she clearly isn’t concerned with keeping a professional demeanor around other people as the aging woman was spotted letting loose like a college girl last week, with a special man on her arm that can only mean one thing.

If there’s one thing that can get Hillary out of the house, it’s donors at a fundraising event for her benefit. It certainly helped that there was alcohol at the Society for Irish Women event in Pennsylvania this past Friday, which Hillary seemed to take advantage of. A photographer for the event was shocked to see her stumbling all over the place and that she wasn’t even able to walk without a familiar figure holding her up.

It appears that the need for special “handlers” is back in Hillary’s life, just like those who helped her walk throughout the campaign trail. A woman seen clutching the ailing alcoholic’s arm is her newest support system ensuring she doesn’t faceplant in public.

“A photographer captured Clinton being helped through the crowd by two leaders of the Society of Irish Women. One had her hand under Clinton’s elbow while the other was grasping Hillary’s upper arm,” the American Mirror explained.

.@HillaryClinton thank you so much for attending the Irish women’s society dinner! You’ll forever be my inspiration #ImWithHer #scranton

— Drew Popish (@DrewPopish) March 18, 2017

Whether her instability was the result of too much to drink, her questionable heath condition, or a combination of both, Americans dodged a bullet in not electing this embarrassment as our nation’s leader. It’s ironic that liberals will depict our president as a clown despite him always having a clear head since he doesn’t even drink, but completely ignore the obvious issues in Hillary being drunk in public.

source:Amanda Shea